Heavy petting.


DOGGY STYLE | Hotdoll, The Sex Toy For Dogs

For this Doggy Style post, we’re going to get literal. If you’re constantly having to pull your promiscuous pooch off your thigh, fret not.
The Hotdoll Dog Sex Toy
, although totally bizarre in concept, might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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DOG BITE | Arflicious

Fuck Milkbones. Give your dog something he’ll actually enjoy.  Locally made, with ingredients that I’d even eat, Arflicious is an easy choice for picky pooches.

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PET-OPHILIA | There’s A Dog in The House

Design is nice. But, design with a dog in mind? That’s even better. Chwiecko and Fernandez nail it with a book about spaces and puppy dog faces.
To learn more, read on.

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PUP CULTURE | “What’s My Name” – Snoop Dog

Watch this as a grown up. It’s less cool, and far more unsettling.
But the dawgs are cute, still.

DOGGY STYLE | Riverside Hotel For Dogs in Worcestershire, England

The Drool Hunter is back from a much needed vaycay. (Hi!)
Even though a “dog’s life” is pretty laid back as it is, our jetset had us thinking, where can a pup go for some real R&R?
The answer: The Riverside Hotel in England.

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PUPPYRAZZI | Paws #ParkLife Spotting

What a day! I woke up super early on Saturday morning to do a spot on CP24 with Billy and Fig, and told viewers all about this totally rad event going down that day at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Paws For The Cause hosted a charity dog wash, and the turn out was aaaaah-mazing! Wet dogs, kiddie pools, and sunshine! What more could you ask for on a blistering Toronto afternoon?
Read on for all the details, and photos of all the fun!

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