PUP CULTURE | Happy Jew Year

It’s that time again. Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish new year.
A time to dust off your shul clothes and head down to that annual fashion show known as the High Holidays. It’s also a time to reflect on the year, and set goals for the next. So we’ve assembled a list of 5 resolutions that every
Jewish dog owner should keep in 5772!

1. Tell Them You Love Them. Daily.
You know, it’s said that dogs can’t understand us when we speak. But here at The Drool Hunter, we just don’t buy that. After all, you see them cock their heads when you say words like “walk”, “cookie”, and “bath” – so why do we assume that they don’t understand those three simple words that make this life bearable. I love you. Even when they’ve peed the carpet, eaten your shoes, or barfed up the sandwich you left unattended on the coffee table, tell them you love them. Because you do. Even if they don’t really understand.

2. Walk Them. Daily.
We get it. You’re busy. You’ve worked all day, and all you want to do is kick back on the couch and watch Dancing With The Stars, dammit. But these little guys have spent eight hours waiting for you to walk through that door, or shut down your laptop, and even though you’ve got those ice cream bars in the freezer and the DVR all cued up, take 20 minutes out of your day to let them have some fun. Besides, with all those frozen treats you’ve been buying, a little exercise wouldn’t kill you either.

3. Take Pictures of Them. Daily.
Maybe we’re a bit biased over here, being that, you know, taking pictures of dogs is kind of what we do… But just the same way we snap photos of friends and family in order to have mementos of moments passed, your dogs should be no different. Puppies grow up so fast, and sadly, old dogs age even faster. Grab your camera and sneak a shot of them snoozing on the sofa, or playing with your socks. Besides, if not for “mobile uploads” of your pooch, what the hell is Facebook for?

4. Groom Them. Daily.
No, we don’t mean toss them in the tub every night – heck, who has that kind of energy, anyway? But brushing them every day is a nice way to spend time with your furry baby. It can actually be a nice bonding experience, and can be especially calming for them before bed time. Not to mention the fact that if you stay on point with their coat maintenence and nail trimming, you can save a bundle on monthly grooming at the dog spa. And that shit aint cheap.

5.  Treat Them. Daily.
We know the jury is still out on this one. Is it safe to give your dog cookies or table scraps all the time? Hmm. Maybe not. But here, we are firm believers in the saying that everything is okay in moderation. Of course, don’t be tossing out treats willy nilly. Make sure that they have done something worth being rewarded for. Pooped on command? Brought in the paper? Sat and stayed while you enjoyed your Lasagna? These are all small accomplishments that deserve recognition. And what better way to show a dog that his or her hard work is being noticed than a warm, juicy nibble of steak?


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