DOG ARTS | “lol”

Pugs, not drugs.

DOGGY STYLE | A Hound’s Halloween

Send in the Slutty Nurses. It’s Halloween again!
And, what better way to celebrate this culturally irrelevant, ultra-paganistic holiday than by humiliating the shit out of your dog!?
We at The Drool Hunter totally support this ludicrous tradition; the act of wrestling our dogs into polyester outfits and laughing at length. So, here are our top picks for some of the most senseless get-ups on the market.

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PUP CULTURE | Fido Casting Call & Park Event

Have you ever watched Benji, or Beethoven, or even that terrible remake of 101 Dalmatians, you know… the one with Jeff Daniels when Jeff Daniels still did movies, and thought to yourself: MY DOG COULD DO THAT!?
If you haven’t, then you probably have a day job. If you have, however, you’re just like me! Well good news, fellow doggy-lovers,
is offering your pooch a shot at stardom!

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DOGGY STYLE | Industrious Dog

Baby, it’s colder outside.

PET-OPHILIA | Cesar Campaign: Dogs That Look Like Their Owners

Ugh, good campaigns are just so, I dunno, good. And, this ad series for Cesar has definitely got me giggling. We’re sure you’ve heard that many dog owners end up looking like their pups. Being that I have bulldogs, I sincerely hope this is false.
Uncle Fester, immediately to the left of that wrinkly miracle, is not at all what I aspire to look like. I don’t apply eye cream for nothing, you know. That said, this photoset is hardly an eye sore. To see some other clever comparisons, click here.

PUP CULTURE | Happy Jew Year

It’s that time again. Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish new year.
A time to dust off your shul clothes and head down to that annual fashion show known as the High Holidays. It’s also a time to reflect on the year, and set goals for the next. So we’ve assembled a list of 5 resolutions that every
Jewish dog owner should keep in 5772!

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